Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break...

                                                          To Louisiana with the grandkids. 

                                                            First stop Jellystone Park.

 We got up Saturday morning and toured the Laura Plantation home.

An historic sugar plantation built in 1805. Offers tours based on The Memoirs of Laura,  
Memories of the Old Plantation Home & a Creole Family Album a detailed account of 200 years of life on this farm.

Next, on to New Orleans to tour the French Quarter.
We walked along Bourbon Street in and out of shop after shop.

An unexpected 2 hour parade left the kids happy,
loaded with beads and exhausted.

Too soon it is time to leave for home, school, and work. If you're ever near Robert, La. with a carload of kiddos be sure and stop at Jellystone Park home of Yogi Bear.

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