Thursday, June 28, 2012


I've been Missing-In-Action, or should I say missing and in action. Missing from my blog and helping my brother repair the ceiling in my dad's bedroom. Those old houses were built well, but when you start to work on one you quickly realize what it means to be more than one hundred years old. A one day job took us much longer. At first we sought perfection and then decided that to achieve perfection would be possible only if the hundred year old room was somewhat perfect to start with, so we decided to lower our standards and go with clean and better than it was. We achieved our goal. It actually looks really well.

In the process of cleaning the room I went through some of my mother's old crochet magazines and brought a sack of them home with me. As I was looking through them I came up with a plan. I decided to crochet 100 cats and upon reaching my goal of 100 I will then find a home for them. I'm thinking Africa, but it may have to be somewhere closer to home. I have a few ideas, but no need to worry about that yet I am only on number four. Ha!
Have a great day!!!
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Friday, June 15, 2012

Fuzzy Friday...

My little Fuzzy has moved to Houston for the summer. I'm going to miss him. This is him at his new residence in Houston. Looks like he is glad to be there.
Hope everyone has a blessed weekend!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon...

"It was like drowning, only from the inside out."

Nine-year-old Trisha McFarland strays from the path while she and her recently divorced mother and brother take a hike along a branch of the Appalachian Trail. Lost for days, wandering farther and farther astray, Trisha has only her portable radio for comfort. A huge fan of Tom Gordon, a Boston Red Sox relief pitcher, she listens to baseball games and fantasizes that her hero will save her. Nature isn't her only adversary, though - something dangerous may be tracking Trisha through the dark woods.~~Goodreads

Author: Stephen King
Published: 1999


I used to be a big fan of Stephen King. I loved Salem's Lot, Pet Semetary, Misery, The Firestarter, Cujo, and many others. The old Stephen King books seemed to take on a life of their own. I remember while reading Salem's Lot  I got up and closed the curtains, you know, just in case, and in Pet Semetary  the image of that little piece of garbage bag on the cat's mouth stayed with me for days.

 And then-I lost interest. Stephen King books became huge tomes that I couldn't plow through and to make it worse I didn't want to. One day I just stopped reading him. From that day forward I've missed him. When a friend recommended The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon  I became excited. She bragged about it to the point that I began to reminisce about Paul Sheldon. I ran out and bought it as fast as I could.

I was sorely disappointed. I want say it wasn't worth reading, but it wasn't my Stephen King. The Stephen King I loved. The Stephen King that made me close those curtains and go in search of a crucifix. That's the Stephen King I'm searching for and that, sadly, isn't the Stephen King I found.
 I give it 2 stars for being a readable piece of fiction.

Happy Reading!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Shave And A Haircut Six-Bits...

An hour after a conversation with his dad about how someday he would also have to shave, Tallfeathers emerged from the shower looking like this.
Thankfully when they got him cleaned up it wasn't as bad as it looked.
He may sport a beard and mustache when he is older.
Have a nice day!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

70th Anniversary of Anne Franks Diary...

PHOTO: Anne Frank poses in 1941 in this photo made available by Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, Netherlands on June 11, 2009.
Seventy years ago today on June 12th, 1942, Anne made the first entry in her diary. On her 13th birthday she wrote, "I hope I will be able to confide everything to you, as I have never been able to confide in anyone, and I hope you will be a great source of comfort and support."
Anne died in a German concentration camp in 1945 at age 15.
 Image Detail
If you have never read the book give it a try you won't be able to put it down.
Happy Birthday Anne!!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Very Entertaining...

Today was my first day alone in 10 days and I can tell you entertaining a seven-year-old doesn't leave much time for blogging.
Endless games of Skip-Bo,
Chess, Scrabble, and Boggle,
 coupled with hours of "Adventure Time" cartoons, popcorn, cosmic brownies, and
coffee, cause that's what you do when you come to Memaw's house,
 Blizzard's from Dairy Queen, burritos from Mexico City Cafe, and
balloon animals
can cause one to forget about blogging altogether.
And while feeding the giraffes at the zoo was a hit,
all three of us squeezing into one kiddie car was an even bigger hit.
He chose rocks for his souvenir
and played ninja in the Pampas grass.
We ate at Cracker Barrel and went to see Jaws on the big screen.
I didn't have time for blogging this week, but had a lot of fun with my little Crazy Hair.
Have a great week!!!
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