Thursday, June 28, 2012


I've been Missing-In-Action, or should I say missing and in action. Missing from my blog and helping my brother repair the ceiling in my dad's bedroom. Those old houses were built well, but when you start to work on one you quickly realize what it means to be more than one hundred years old. A one day job took us much longer. At first we sought perfection and then decided that to achieve perfection would be possible only if the hundred year old room was somewhat perfect to start with, so we decided to lower our standards and go with clean and better than it was. We achieved our goal. It actually looks really well.

In the process of cleaning the room I went through some of my mother's old crochet magazines and brought a sack of them home with me. As I was looking through them I came up with a plan. I decided to crochet 100 cats and upon reaching my goal of 100 I will then find a home for them. I'm thinking Africa, but it may have to be somewhere closer to home. I have a few ideas, but no need to worry about that yet I am only on number four. Ha!
Have a great day!!!
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  1. Oh Kathy! LOVE the little kitties! Nice job and wonderful that you'll be donating them!
    And Yes...I'm Praying about the "decision"...!!

  2. Those kitties are so cute!

  3. Adorable little kitties! I'm sure there are many charities who would love these!

  4. How cute are those! I love that you're going to donate; perhaps a children's hospital? You're 4 ahead of me; I've forgotten how! :)


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