Monday, June 11, 2012

Very Entertaining...

Today was my first day alone in 10 days and I can tell you entertaining a seven-year-old doesn't leave much time for blogging.
Endless games of Skip-Bo,
Chess, Scrabble, and Boggle,
 coupled with hours of "Adventure Time" cartoons, popcorn, cosmic brownies, and
coffee, cause that's what you do when you come to Memaw's house,
 Blizzard's from Dairy Queen, burritos from Mexico City Cafe, and
balloon animals
can cause one to forget about blogging altogether.
And while feeding the giraffes at the zoo was a hit,
all three of us squeezing into one kiddie car was an even bigger hit.
He chose rocks for his souvenir
and played ninja in the Pampas grass.
We ate at Cracker Barrel and went to see Jaws on the big screen.
I didn't have time for blogging this week, but had a lot of fun with my little Crazy Hair.
Have a great week!!!

1 comment:

  1. Crazy Hair is SO cute! I know he had a fabulous time. I completely understand; when my 6 y/o great granddaughter is here there is NO time for blogging or anything else. And, hey I let her have coffee at this Memaw's house too. Often, she doesn't drink it but claims it's what she wants to do with me. Aren't we so blessed!! :)


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