Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ruthie's Garden...

Ruthie's Garden is a garden named and worked in loving memory of my mother. I was in Fredricksburg, Texas with my dad and three sisters shortly after my mom passed away in 2008.
My sister's and I decided we would each plant a flower garden in her memory. We purchased metal birds, pot hangers, seeds and the like in anticipation. I picked out a dry, parched patch of unused earth on the north side of our house and set to work. Now three springs later it is finally beginning to take shape. This weekend I mulched, clipped, watered and weeded until every muscle in my body is sore, my fingers are full of stickers and the back of my neck is sunburned, but I am thankful to God for this little piece of solitude and more than a little happy with the results. I won't be home for another two weeks, but will return with colorful annuals, ornaments and lights to enhance it's whimsical personality. If you like to garden here is an idea I came across in a gardening magazine. Decorate an old mailbox and mount it in your garden. Use it to store your small garden tools. I have the mailbox, but haven't decorated it yet. Will post a picture when I do. I can hardly wait to see how Ruthie's Garden turns out this year I think she would approve.

 Perfumes are the feelings of flowers. ~Heinrich Heine

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  1. I love the mailbox idea. Makes me want a garden just so I can do it....hmmmmm


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