Saturday, June 18, 2011

Rain, Rain...

Thank you Lord for the rain today...  

There is nothing like the smell of rain on dry, parched land.

Staying dry.

Have a blessed day!!!


  1. very glad to hear TX has rain, it looks like more is on the way to you. we are praying here for rain in FL. not a drop in 3 months now, and only one rain since January. you are so right, rain smells good and I love the way the trees and plants wave their hands to heaven after it rains, like they are singing hallelujah

  2. Send some to Waco! We are SO dry here...
    LOVE the photos!!

  3. I love rain! Glad you are enjoying it there!

  4. Oh what lovely garden photos. Love the turtles! :) Thank God for rain indeed! :) Yay!


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