Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Easy Five Minute Candy...

This candy is so quick and easy to make you will want to keep the ingredients on hand for emergencies. An emergency might be:

1. I need a chocolate fix.
2. I need to take something somewhere with absolutely no time to go to the store.
3. I need to take something somewhere and absolutely don't want to go to the store.
4. Unexpected company is on the way.

Other reasons:

1. It looks so good people will think I bought it at a candy store, so why would I want to go to the store.
2. It looks so good people will think if I made it I must have slaved all day, so why would I want to slave all day.
3. It's really good.


1. Bag of Rolos candy
2. Bag of Pretzels
3. Pecan halves or pieces

Turn oven on. Lay Rolo's in a single layer on a cookie sheet covered in wax paper.

Set cookie sheet in warm oven for a few seconds.

 Take cookie sheet from oven when Rolos are soft and glossy. Lay a pretzel on top of Rolo and press down.

 Press pecan half or pieces into the top (I didn't have any). Place cookie sheet in refrigerator until candy is hard.
 Place on plate to take to event or leave in fridge and eat one every time you pass by.

These are great inexpensive treats to make with the kids or grandkids.

Happy snacking!!!!  


  1. OMGGGGG!!! I JUST HAVE to pose a link to this post from my blog!! This looks Great Kathy!!!

  2. Thanks Donna and yes Betty it is yummmmm I promise.


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