Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Awesome Saturday...

Thought for today:
God does not give us overcoming life: He gives us life as we overcome.~~Oswald Chambers

Our annual shopping trip to Grapevine Mills Mall was awesome! Each year just before school starts we meet the kids at the mall in Grapevine. We shop, eat, and just hang out. Year before last my daughter announced she was expecting, so my granddaughter now says she likes our shopping trip because we find out "secrets".

New ball caps!!

Crazy Hair takes a ride on the mall merry-go-round.

We originally started meeting at the mall when we still had kids in school. We continued on while our youngest was in college. When she graduated I said that was it. My oldest didn't want it to end, so we still meet each year. The difference is Mom and Dad no longer pull the checkbook out for them. They are on their own. It seems to work and we all have a lot of fun.

Amanda's tea-lite fish.

In front of a painted wall.

There were 12 of us this year. Work clothes, school clothes, books, shoes, caps, and of course lots of odds and ends were purchased. One of my best finds was a purple patch-work shoulder bag. I am a sucker for bags. Then at the very end of the day we gathered in the Books-a-Million coffee shop to say our good byes and there it was, on a bargain table, so unexpected. My treasure of the day. A Tasha Tudor Cookbook. What a way to top off an already awesome day.

We didn't find out any "secrets" this year, but we had a lot of family fun and look forward to next year.

Have a great week!!!   


  1. What a wonderful tradition! I think the fact that your kids didn't want it to end says a lot!

  2. No before and after picture??

  3. Awwww! Love the photos!! Such little Cuties!

  4. Thank y'all for the comments and Daley the difference was just to drastic to publish.
    Before: smiling, energetic and ready to go. After: frazzled to the bone. Ha!

  5. McGuffy Ann I've been missing you. Glad you popped in!

  6. I have something for you...
    McGuffy's Reader


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