Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hiking in the Heat...

Today I officially broke my "no exercise" streak. I have been keeping two of my grandkids since November and that coupled with the intense heat wave we've been experiencing has pretty much kept me indoors.

Today I decided to saddle-up the stroller, drag out the leash, pack up the snacks and water (oh yes, the water) and head out on what we decided to call a "hike". I forgot the camera so used my phone.

Fuzzy ready for the hike.

We left the house and traveled north.

Giving Piper a drink.

 About two blocks into it we decided north held no excitement for us, so we turned our stroller around  and headed south. I asked Tall Feathers where he wanted to hike to and he immediately said, "Wal-Mart".
I thought that sounded reasonable. I'm thinking AC and he's thinking toys. We hiked to Wal-Mart, stopped under every shade tree along the way, hid Piper in the compartment below the stroller, bought Beverly Hills Chihuahua, a toy hamster for Fuzzy, a toy motorcycle for Tall Feathers and hiked back home.

We had a great time, got plenty of exercise, and made it back in time for lunch.

 Tall Feathers wants to do it again tomorrow. 

Have a great day!!!!

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  1. OMWord Girl! I would have passed smooth out!Hahaaa
    Adorable Babies!!


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