Thursday, September 1, 2011

Another Day With Fuzzy...

I have been out of town for a week and a half with only intermittent Internet. I'm glad to be back. I missed my Fuzzy hugs. Here are a few pics from yesterday. Anytime I take pictures of Fuzzy they're always on the run. Him from me. Ha!

Waiting on MeMaw to do his laundry.
 Playing with his toys.
 Watching cartoons.
Morning hair.

 Dressed and ready to go with MeMaw to the dentist.

 Showing off a Fuzzy smile.
 A pensive moment...

Have a nice day!!!


  1. The first one and the last one are my favorites! He's SO CUTE!!!!!
    Good job on the pics, you make his eyes stand out really well!

  2. Oh Kathy! He's Beautiful!!! You should do More of these!
    Happy weekend!


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