Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Candy Caper...

Here's how it went down:
Last night we took Moondaisy to see a community play and returned to find this.
   I had made her a bed on the couch so she could lay and read.
 I'm sure when Piper jumped up on it she never intended to eat the Reese Cups. She probably even tried to talk herself out of them.
The minute I made the discovery she knew she was in trouble. She peeked out from behind an ice chest, ran to her crate, looked at me once and refused to make eye contact again, but I'm guessing it was well worth it.
Hope you have a super Sunday!!!


  1. Hahahaaaaaa..... Omg....funny!!!
    I'm in Ruidoso, NM this week and won't return to central Texas until Friday... I'm playing catch-up on my IPad!

  2. Well that sure sounds fun. Have a good time.

  3. We just had a huge thunderstorm. I got soaking wet going to my truck. Hope y'all did in your part of Texas.

  4. How'd she get those dang wrappers off? Those are always so hard to get off! Did you know that chocolate was bad for dogs?

  5. Yes but she seems fine. I guess she spit the wrappers out afterwards. I wondered about that too. Lol I said I wish I had a nanny cam for that one.

  6. Wow. That's a lot of chocolate for such a little dog! Glad she didn't get sick!

  7. Me too! I kept an eye on her overnight and the next day, but she seems fine.

  8. Haha - dogs! Well, glad she didn´t get sick since chocolate can be kind of a hazard for them. :-)

  9. Oh, that's the face of someone who was caught! Hope her tummy is ok!!

  10. UH OH.....Don't you love when they do something wrong and then wont look you in the eye.
    She's tough not getting sick from it....thats good!
    I'm a new follower.
    Amy's Life@


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