Monday, October 10, 2011

4 and 20 Black Birds...

I fell in love with these little birds a couple of years ago and have been looking for one ever since. I found them in Fredricksburg Saturday.
Ceramic Pie Birds have been used since Victorian times. When placed in the center of the pie they keep it from boiling over by letting the steam escape from inside the pie.
The earliest "pie funnels" were glass or earthenware and collectors will pay hundreds of dollars for just the right one.
  These pictures from the Internet look so good I can't wait to try mine out.  
Have a great Monday!!!


  1. I didnt realise you can still get these.

    Childhood memories of my mum's fruit pies come flooding back from the 70's


  2. That is so cool!! I want one!

  3. I've seen these before and thought about buying one or two. I'm not a big dessert maker, but I do love kitchen gadgets.

  4. Same here. I don't cook so much anymore, but love my gadgets. Lol


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