Thursday, October 27, 2011

Goodbye Fuzzy & Tallfeathers...

One year ago on November 1st, 2010 I started keeping Fuzzy and Tallfeathers 4 days a week. I live an hour away so I would come on Sunday and leave on Thursday as soon as my daughter got home from work. The plan was for my daughter to work for 1 year, which she had committed too and then quit work and be a stay-at-home mom. She didn't want to put Fuzzy in day-care for that year and I didn't want her to either, so that's how it began. It has worked perfectly, but the year is up today and it's bittersweet. Sweet because I really do need to get back home. You can imagine after a solid year the things I have put on hold or just plain put off, but bitter because I won't be here with my babies. There will be no one to put down for a nap at noon, no place I have to be at 3:00 when school lets out, no homework to help with, no supper to start and my posts won't be filled with near as many pictures of Fuzzy and Tall Feathers, but I really don't live that far away.

My quilt club and church family hardly remember who I am. My two chihuahua's have patiently been dragged along with me week after week and will no doubt be grateful for their big green pillow covered in lots of blankets to snuggle under, their matching food bowls and their little beds throughout the house. When I started keeping the kids I had nine cats. I am down to two. They seem to have taken up residents with my closest neighbor's. I am going to try to retrieve some of them while telling myself that four is enough. Ha.

I have had someone collecting the mail, tending my
garden, feeding my cats, and keeping an eye on the place, but it's time for me to get back to business. So, sadly when I leave here at 5:30 I will close this chapter, go home and open another one. That's the great thing about life. You just move through it, take it as it comes, do the best you can do and it always works out and I really don't live that far away.
Have a great day!!!

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