Thursday, October 6, 2011


I took Inka, my 2 lb. chihuahua for her yearly check-up. I had noticed her bottom teeth seemed loose, so I asked the vet about it. He said if I left her until 4:30 they would clean them. When I went back to get her they had pulled her front teeth-top and bottom.
I'm traumatized, but she just keeps on smiling.
Have a fun Friday!!!


  1. Please post a pic of her open mouth! I'm DYING to see this!!!

  2. I would have thought they'd call you BEFORE pulling the teeth! Poor puppy! soft dog food for you!

  3. Well they said since she still has her incisors and molars she'll do fine. She is so little that the gap between her incisors isn't very big. I guess she'll be fine. It's kinda sad though. She's four.


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