Friday, September 30, 2011

Knitting Obsession...

This is my third attempt at these little newborn baby hats. The first one didn't turn out, second one was okay, but this third one is really coming along. I've had to pull out my book and learn to decrease and refresh my skills for binding off, but think I might actually be making some progress on the road to teaching myself to knit.   
Hope everyone has a great week-end!!!


  1. Oh, These are SO Pretty!!! I KNOW how hard it is to learn without someone to help out at those places you could use a hand!
    Keep going Girl!

  2. Looking good.
    I used to love to knit, don't have time now....or any babies to knit for :)


  3. Great job! I used to crochet; I never learned how to knit. I keep saying that I'd like to go back to it; that is, if I could drag myself off of the computer!


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