Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Has Come And Gone...

Thanksgiving has come and gone. We had a truly wonderful holiday with much to be thankful for. Twenty-two family members gathered at my dad's house on Thursday for turkey, dressing, ham, potatoes, baked beans, corn, yams, deviled eggs, banana pudding, apple pie and a host of other goodies.
We come from a family of musicians that love to play "Texas 42", so after feasting comes great music and then games of "42" that last into the wee hours of the morning with champions that have bragging rights until our next family get-together. Here is a clip of my oldest brother playing an old fiddle tune called "Billy in the Lowground" and across from him is my youngest brother playing guitar.
On Friday we gathered again. This time at my daughter's house for a feast that rivaled the one from the day before. We took the annual photos of the grandkids.
This will be my last post until Dec. 5th. I will not have internet access until then.
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and survived Black Friday.   


  1. Wow what great music! I truly enjoyed it! Called my husband over and he listened to it, too! Is that you Dad in the background playing guitar? What a talented bunch!

    The grandkids are adorable!

    What is Texas 42?

  2. Thank you Pat for your nice comments. No that isn't my dad in the background that is a cousin. I have many family members that play and sing.
    "42" is a game played with dominoes. It can be compared to the card game "Spades". You bid, set trump and win tricks. People in Texas take their 42 playing way to serious-me included.LOL


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