Saturday, January 21, 2012

Natural Born Artist...

Today I was sitting in my husband's office talking to him while he was on his computer. I looked over at some pictures we had leaned up against the wall and saw this one. My youngest daughter drew this when she was five years old. I thought it was so good and cute that I took it and had it laminated. I have kept up with it for 20 years. For all it's 5 year-old imperfections it has so many perfections.

Look at the table legs and how the cat and fish bowl must be sitting on the side of the table and the sun peeking in front of the curtain. It makes me chuckle out loud, but then look at the cat's face, and the fish bowl. There are actually little objects inside the bowl and how about the bookcase with what I guess to be a plant sitting on top of it. I remember thinking what a wonderful picture for a five-year old to have done. So, naturally, I had to laminate it for posterity. I think I am going to frame it for my sewing room. You know the catch-all room that needs to be deep cleaned before I can sew in it. Yea that one.

She can thank me for her crooked bangs.

Well she didn't turn out to be an artist, but she does have a very good job, has started to graduate school, bought herself a new car this week and this mama is very proud of her. I just wish I had her and the five-year-old too, but time flies on.

Have a great week end!!!


  1. She is very beautiful and you have every right to be proud of her! She is doing well! BTW, I just love that picture!

  2. Little girls grow up into beautiful ladies! That's life!
    The art work they do in childhood are memories to treasure.
    Your daughter is beautiful!

  3. tooooo cute!!:)))) I remember that five-year-old!

  4. I always loved that drawing! I had quite an imaginative little brain, haha. Thanks mom!!!

  5. Those keepsakes, like the drawn picture, are priceless! Yes, your daughter was a cutie and still is. :)


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