Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Chandor Garden's...

Moon Daisy earned two flex days from school and decided she wanted to spend them with MeMaw and Paw-Paw, so Friday she hitched a ride with her Paw-Paw and showed up on my door step. She hung out with us at the house over the weekend and then Monday we drove around the area looking for unique places to take pictures. I will post a few later in the week.

Today I took her to Weatherford, Texas to meet her mom. While there we took a walking tour of Chandor Gardens. Chandor Gardens is a series of "garden rooms" featuring English and Chinese motifs. Douglas Chandor, an artist who painted portraits of President Hoover, Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill, among others, created these gardens starting in 1936.

Upon Chandor's death in 1953 his wife, Ina, opened the gardens to the public until her death in 1978. The gardens were neglected for the next 16 years until 1994 when Melody and Chuck Bradford bought and restored the property. In 2002 the city of Weatherford bought the home and gardens and  once again opened them to the public.

 Moon Gate
 Tiered Copper Fountain
 Pixie Pond
 Mount Cox

 Chi-Ling Fountain
On the left is Ina's Walk which was the initial feature of the garden in 1936.
 The Trellis Pond
 Court Yard and Chandor Home
 We had a great time. The home and gardens are unique and interesting. I have only given you a small taste. I look forward to visiting again in the spring when the Wisteria petals will "drip like purple rain from everywhere" and all things beautiful will be in full-bloom. Imagine.
Have a blessed week!!! 

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  1. How beautiful! I may get hubby to take me there this Spring!! Thanks for the info!!


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