Monday, March 19, 2012


March is the time to celebrate with the Irish and the Italians in New Orleans. We celebrated with a visit to St. Louis Cemetery #1, a Hurricane at Pat O'Brien's, a trip to the French Market on the trolley car,  and wrapped it up by watching the St. Joseph's Day Parade. We either walked or stood on our feet for a total of nine hours, and could barely walk back to the car. Isn't it odd how you don't know your feet hurt until the fun ends.
We had a great time and arrived back in Fort Worth on Sunday night. I came home Monday morning and discovered I had left my camera and laptop in Fort Worth, so I've been absent from the blogging world for over a week while waiting on the courier(hubby) to make his delivery.

Here are a few photos from the trip.  

Our first stop was to see the grave of the "Witch Queen of New Orleans"
 and then on to the French Market.
  The culture in New Orleans is like none other. 
There is a cacophony of sights, 
 and color.
 New Orleans is a great place to "visit", but there's "no place like home".
Have a wonderful week!!!

13. Camera and laptop
14. Hubby playing the piano from "Songs of the Church"
15. First blooms of spring
16. Laughter with siblings in our dad's house
17. French Vanilla coffee
18. The patience others show towards me
19. Spring Break
20. A yard cut just in time for rain
21 The grandson who asked to mow it

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  1. Awesome photography!
    Looks like a great place to visit.


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