Tuesday, April 17, 2012

O.K., I Give...

I haven't read "The Hunger Games."
I'm not going to read "The Hunger Games."
 It isn't my kind of book.
 I don't care for Science Fiction.
 This has been my mantra since first hearing the words "Hunger Games", but it is everywhere. It keeps invading my space. It is talked about on nearly every blog I read, recommended on every reading list, stares at me from every check-out counter at every Wal-mart I enter and is the topic of conversation no matter where I go. My three daughter's and granddaughter have all read it, seen the movie, and love it.
O.K., I give.
 My middle daughter says she will loan it to me on the Kindle and a friend told me tonight if I like it I won't be able to wait on the next one.
O.K., I give.
I'll let you know.
Have a blessed week!!! 


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