Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Hubby and youngest daughter went with me to Canton, Texas for First Monday to celebrate my birthday. I love a good flea market. I rarely buy anything of value, but rather look for the odd little treasures that call my name. My best find of the day was a Frankoma butter dish.
As we walked around I spotted the bottom of this butter dish, but since the lady was asking $20.00 and I didn't have a top I left it. Later, I came across a top. The man was asking $5.00. On the slim chance that I might accidentally remember where I saw the bottom, and if not,
 put it on my list of things to look for, I bought it. When I showed it to hubby he took me straight to the table that held the bottom. Amazing! The woman said she would take $10.00. I thought $15 total was a good deal.
And how about this Frankoma trivet to go with the butter dish.
 And this thick, old restaurant cup to slurp coffee out of.
You can tell I like green. These four saucers called my name.
Considering the company I kept and the goodies I came home with I would say this was a delightful birthday weekend!!
Over-the-hill is not so bad after all. 

Have a great weekend!!!

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  1. Awww, glad you enjoyed Canton...The last time we went, it's was SO hot, you could fry eggs on concrete!
    Love your finds!!


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