Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Weekend Plans...

Mother's Day is approaching and hubby has plans. He asked me if I would like to spend the weekend in Grandbury, Texas. My answer was yes, so I am packing. Our plan is for me to meet him in Grandbury Friday night for supper. Saturday we will shop on the square, drive around the lake and take in anything else that strikes our fancy. He knows how I love Johnny Depp, so we are going to see the movie Dark Shadows on Sunday.
I remember watching Dark Shadows in Junior High. It came on at 3:30 as soon as I arrived home from school. This Dark Shadows is a spoof, but since I have never seen a Johnny Depp movie I didn't like it should be good.

On a sadder note Maurice Sendak passed away.
I found him to be a bit strange, well, O.K. a lot strange, but loved his works.
Where the Wild Things Are was one of my favorites.

Also, I have followed Ray White's blog for about 5 years. He is the oldest living blogger in the U.S. He is 98 years old. His blog is called Dad's Tomato Garden. He gave some great advice on planting a tomato garden. He loved life and was a good christian man. His son posted on his blog today. I was sad to read that he passed away unexpectedly this morning.  Here is a portion of his last entry. He fell shortly after posting this and passed away in the hospital.

Monday, May 7, 2012
Good Morning.
Lets try to begin the week with God and continue and end the week with Him.
This day of the week is my day. I love Mondays. It’s a day that I am glad to get out of the house and get my hands and clothes dirty.
We speak a lot about the clean , unspotted sheet that God gives us each morning. we need to do our best to keep it clean and white until the end of this week, and we can with Gods help, and not in ourselves and by the Grace of God, live a life that God will be pleased with, we should live this week for others.
DAD 2012
Dad-The Tomato Man.
Time is so precious –do not waste it living only yourself, Give a little of your to others.

I'm going to miss his daily entries.
He was such an inspiration.
Have a great rest of the week!!!

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  1. Awwww.....hate to hear about the passings...I'll go check out his blog.
    Enjoy your weekend! Grandbury is a neat place to visit!


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