Friday, May 18, 2012

The Rock Hunt...

About three years ago I started collecting rocks with the idea of making a path through my garden. The collecting was slow-going. It was difficult finding enough rocks that fit the criteria. First and foremost they had to be flat. They also had to be relatively thin and not too small.

Wednesday night a friend that helps me with the garden called and said she knew where we could get all the rocks we wanted. I picked her up at 10am this morning and we went on a "rock hunt".

We loaded the back of my truck with as many rocks as our muscles would allow. We had to leave a few behind that seemed perfect because the more we loaded the heavier they got.

We took them back to the garden and unloaded them. She dug the path while I carried them and placed them in the ground.

Just a few of the many rocks. 
 My helper preparing the path for me to lay the rocks.
 A section of the pathway.
 I'm exhausted!!!
Have a great weekend.


  1. Now, that looks great! No wonder you're exhausted, but if you're like me, I call it a good tired!! Perfect rocks. :)


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