Monday, October 15, 2012

Day One Of The Blue Ridge Parkway...

We started out at mile marker 0 and drove approximately 120 miles to the town of Roanoke, Virginia.  
  It started out foggy and rainy, but cleared up later in the day.
I think the rain added to the beauty.  
It made the colors shimmer and glisten. 
These moss-covered stairs lead up to
 this old railroad track. 
 We walked a couple of shorts trails and
 ate lunch beside the James River.
We picked up a Texas hiker and let him ride the last 60 miles with us.
I couldn't really capture the beauty in these photos
 it's something you have to experience for yourself.
In the morning we will leave Roanoke and drive the next 120 mile leg.
Have a great week!!!


  1. Awesome photos! I guess the hitchhiker looks pretty harmless....

  2. He was. He was actually just a hiker that gave out and wanted to go home early, so needed a ride into town.


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