Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Perfect Combination...

Sleet, Snow, & Chili...
The weather here is turning nasty. I went out this morning to feed the kitties, and if I didn't weigh so much I might have been blown away. It's 32 degrees now. The weatherman is predicting sleet and snow. We'll see, right? It's ok with me because I got up really early this morning and started a crock pot full of chili (4lbs), so the weather is actually playing right into my hands.
I will let it cook until about 5 o'clock and then add beans for half an hour or so. This is my favorite chili mix. It's called "Williams". I took it for Christmas at my dad's and 8 lbs. were quickly scarfed down with no complaints. I put a can of Rotel in today. I like it hot, with onions, jalapenos, grated cheese, and cornbread. The longer and slower you cook it the better. I think that might be the secret.
The house is starting to smell all chili-like. Ummm can't wait.
Stay safe and warm!!!


  1. I wanted to make chili today, but don't have the right ingredients, bummer. Yours looks SO good. In the old days (my young days) my mom made spaghetti sauce and cooked it all day long. It sure was better than mine seeing as how she made it from scratch. :)

    Instead of chili, I'm gonna make vegetable soup. It's actually cold here for Florida, and we are cry babies. LOL


  2. Yum! That looks and sounds great. This is the worst winter in many years. Perfect solution.

  3. Thanks to both of you! Veggie soup sounds good too. "The Mennonite Girls Can Cook" blog has a wonderful "Spicy Chicken Soup" recipe. My daughter and I love it. We leave out the chicken and it makes a great Veggie Soup.
    McGuffy Ann this is a colder winter here too, but I like the winter when I don't have to get out.


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