Thursday, January 9, 2014

Eight Hours On The Road...

When I left home this morning the weather was perfect, I had a room reserved, and was in no particular hurry. This was a good thing as every antique store in my path called my name.
This is a child's viewing coffin used in the movie "Lonesome Dove." A little too creepy for my tastes.
I liked this treed coon, but I didn't like the $75.00 price tag.  
 My favorite kitchen store in one of my favorite towns.
 At the end of the day I netted two old books, a green depression glass pitcher, an old paint scraper, buttons, a small cookie press, two pie birds, and some odds and ends.
It was a good day.
Hope you had a good day too!


  1. I love looking at old treasures. The child's casket is morbid...and way too sad.

  2. No, I wouldn't want the coffin. :(

    Sounds like a lot of great goodies though! :)


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