Friday, November 6, 2015

My Camino (pt. 4)

On the road to Santiago we walked past many vineyards and olive groves.
The olives were different from the ones we get here. They were so good I couldn't stop eating them. The wine was really inexpensive. I don't drink, but it was interesting to see how readily available it was. Beer was sold in vending machines. Sometimes as cheap as 50 cents a can.
This is a statue that told us how far we had come and how far we had to go. You couldn't depend on them being correct, but they did give you a rough idea.
Buen Camino is a common greeting used between pilgrims. It means good walk. You are saying to your fellow pilgrims that you hope they have a good journey.
In the center of every town is a church. As we walked through the towns we would many times go into the church. They were old and beautiful. Some were large and some were small, but every one of them was amazing.
Another mile marker.
A picturesque scene on the side of the road.
There is a mountain called O'Cebreiro. It's one of the last really high mountains. I saw this sign while I was walking.
I rented a horse.
His name was blackberry in English. I can't remember what his Spanish name was.
It rained on us and was very foggy at times. The path was extremely rocky and muddy. We passed many pilgrims that I had met along the way and they would shout and wave.
It took 2 hours and was the best 34 euros I ever spent.
To be continued... 


  1. Awesome! I would have loved going into the churches.

    You rented a horse? So, did that count as walking? I'm such a dimwit because I ask too many questions, along with inquiring minds want to know! :)

    I'm not a drinker (anymore) but wow .50 cents for a beer; I know someone who would have been ecstatic. LOL

    So enjoying this trip, and happy to know you were able to go.

  2. Yes it counted. Some people ride donkey's or bicycles. It was 5km which equals 3.1 miles. I decided it would add a whole new level of fun and experience to my walk and it did.

    1. And when I got off the horse I thought I would immediately start downhill, but oh no, I still had more uphill to go. Lol

    2. Oh goodness, more uphill. :)

  3. I would have rented that horse too! Yay Blackberry!!


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