Sunday, November 8, 2015

My Camino (pt. 6)

When we left Sarria we had roughly 62 miles to go. The goal for some is Finnesterre and Muxia, these are towns three to five days from Santiago. They are on the ocean, but for me it had always been the cathedral in Santiago. I thought I might ride the bus to the ocean, but I had no desire to walk farther than Santiago.
When I got to Sarria I crossed paths with a lady from Australia that I had met somewhere earlier on the trail. I think it was maybe the night after I left Sarria that she and I actually started walking together. We didn't walk together on the path necessarily, but we kept track of each other the last week by staying in the same alburgues at night. We walked at our own pace, so we would catch up with each other when we stopped for a break, and agree to stay in the same alburgue. She was faster than me. I enjoyed her company. You meet a lot of interesting people along the way, but once your journey is over you don't expect to ever cross paths again. This journey, these people, and experiences become distant memories, and that's okay. That's the way it was meant to be. 
 Here we are one bridge and 57 steps to Portomarin.
If you look closely you can see the stairs at the end of the bridge.
 If my memory serves me correctly I counted 57 steps.

 You were always exhausted when you reached your destination, so when I saw this staircase, I doubted for a moment that I could do it. Counting seemed to help me when I was going uphill, so I just started counting and before long I was at the top. 

 They say, "rain, snow, sleet, or hail cannot stop the U. S. Mail". I thought of that quote several times while walking.

 After leaving Sarria we encountered more and more pilgrims each day. As long as you walk the last 100 km from Sarria you can still get your compostella, so some people will start their walk in Sarria. 

 These giant ants were interesting.

 I didn't see cattle through most of Northern Spain. Finally they started showing up.
This is a stork nest from what I was told. Some of the cities had huge poles erected especially for these nests.

Another stand along the side of the road. It was always refreshing to come upon one of these.


  1. Wow - when I saw the steep steps!

    What a wonderful journey you've been on, Kathy. I admire you for being able to do this, and for sure you'll always have those beautiful memories. Love the photo's too. :)


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