Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Foot Long Hotdog...

I just returned from a delightful lunch with my five-year-old grandson, Caylon. When I arrived he was in the cafeteria, had obviously told the class and was patiently awaiting the arrival of his "MeMaw". As I walked in his face lit up. He began motioning me over. I sat down beside him and pulled from the DQ sack I was carrying... his favorite, a hotdog. Not just any hotdog, you guessed it, a foot long hotdog. You could hear the murmur as it ran down the table, "Did you see Caylon's hotdog?", "Look at Caylon's hotdog." Boys began to shout, "Caylon can you eat all of that?' and "Caylon let me see your hotdog." By the look on his face he felt like a celebrity. I may have to do this more often.  


  1. We Love going to those!! Our Grandson loves it Too!Hahaaa
    Your Caylon is a cutiepie!
    Happy Easter Sugar!

  2. Thanks Donna and hope you had a great Easter!!


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