Monday, April 25, 2011

Renaissance Festival...

This time of year kings, queens, knights, fairies, nuns, monks, pirates, gypsies and any number of characters from the 1500's invade Waxahachie, Texas for the Scarborough Faire Renaissance Festival and that is where we spent Saturday. We had a great time.
The grandkids especially enjoyed it. This is one place we take them where after hours and hours of walking in the muggy Texas weather they don't whine or complain. 
Three of them had saved their money all year in order to buy a mechanical dragon to go on their shoulder.

The youngest one was more than satisfied with a wooden sword.
There is plenty of food
and royalty to go around.

 The kids seem to love stepping back in time to the 16th century, dressing in costume, taking in a sword fight or two and becoming Lords and a Lady for the day.


  1. I forgot to pack my computer cord so may not be able to post until Thursday night.

  2. Bad Girl!!Hahaaa....One of my plumbers went to this last weekend and wore his full suit of armor...said they had a blast...

  3. Lol. My husband and I don't dress in costume. We just walk around with the kids. I do shop though. I bought a unicorn bag this year.


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