Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lost Cord...

Guess I pulled a "Kathy". I lost or misplaced my computer cord. My dear sweet hubby has ordered another one to arrive, hopefully this weekend. I will be back to blogging Monday. It isn't easy on a phone.
I finished "Little Women". It was one of those books that I hated to see end. Louisa May Alcott did such a great job of bringing her characters to life. Meg, Jo, Amy, Beth and Laurie are absolutely unforgettable. I was sad, when they were sad, happy and disappointed right along with them. Bringing out emotions in a reader is the mark of a good book. I will say it was dated at times and maybe a little much at the end, but on a scale of one to ten I give it an 8.5. If you like to read classics and haven't read this one give it a try.
I am now reading "Wind in the Willows". Rat just found Mole scared to death in The Wild Wood. Oh well, he tried to tell him. I'll put a link here if you are interested and now I must get back to Ratty and Moley.
                The Wind in the Willows (Signet Classics)                                                                          Little Women (Oxford World's Classics)


  1. I hated the Wind in the Willows!!! I still can't figure out why it's a classic. Good luck...

  2. Oh, I am so sorry you didn't like it. Perhaps you could give it another try.


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