Friday, May 20, 2011

My Six Pound Chihuahua...

I have called the vet four times this week rescheduling Piper's yearly appointment. I just can't seem to get motivated, but today's the day. I called this morning and rescheduled for 5:00pm.

Piper is my 6 pound chihuahua. I call her my 6 pound chihuahua because that is her ideal weight and what she has normally weighed over the years. According to my daughter she is evidently not looking even close to her 6 pound moniker. I can't see it though, maybe I'm just too close to her. My daughter's exact comment was, "Piper is fat. Her head doesn't even fit her body." My twenty year-old niece, when she was four said to my mother, "Maw Maw your not fat you're just a little large" and that's how I feel about Piper. Piper is just a "little large". I will admit, however, after careful consideration that I maaay have to cut back on her food a wee bit tonight. O.K. maybe a little more than a "wee bit".

For anyone who doesn't know Piper she understands English, tells on herself and gets Inka into trouble. When Inka barks to get my attention. I can usually tell exactly what Piper is saying in the background. It goes like this, "Tell her Inka... tell her again". Inka does the barking while sweet little Piper just lays there acting innocent. She may have others fooled, but not me. I call her my "stuffed animal". Give her a place to sleep and she is happy and contented.

Last summer I decided Piper needed exercise. I took her walking with me. I started out slowly with the intent of eventually getting her to walk two miles per night. After four days Piper had had enough. Piper loves to go places and is always glad when she thinks I am going somewhere that includes her. On the fourth day I didn't have any trouble getting her in the car. When I got to the track and opened the back door everything was fine. As I reached into the floor board to retrieve the leash Piper jumped up and ran to the other side of the seat where she promptly lay down and refused to move. I felt so sorry for her that our walking days were over. I may try again this summer and go even a little slower.


  1. Lol... I love this post. Especially after reading the 10 lb post!! lol. Good luck on the upcoming walks!!


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