Monday, May 16, 2011

My First Quilt Top...

Today I was rummaging around in my sewing room wondering where to start cleaning when I happened across this sad quilt top. I made it when I was 15. It was my first attempt at sewing-ever. I am sure my mother never in her wildest dreams thought I would finish it, so she failed to tell me a few things(like turn under the edges of your applique). If I remember correctly she showed me the blanket stitch, gave me some scraps and a pattern and sent me on my way.

I spent hours and hours on those little rabbits and carrots. The rabbits became my friends and the carrots my enemies. I hated those carrots. As I ran out of orange material Mama would return to her scrap bag and produce more. I don't remember ever thinking about the fact that it wasn't always the same shade.

Sometimes she would help me by embroidering a face or two. There are happy faces, sad faces, mad faces, funny faces and some that are down right scary.

It wouldn't be worth quilting, but I think I will keep it anyway. I have grown attached to those wild little faces and the memories they hold.

I have since made quite a few quilts and am a member of the local quilt club.

Maybe my mother knew what she was doing after all.

Thanks Mom!!!


  1. So cute!!! Definitely a keeper....

  2. 15?????? I was out riding horses at that age...I Should have been sewing!!Hahaa
    Love this! Keep IT!!

  3. You should definitely quilt it! Its so cute :)

  4. What fun are carrots of the SAME color? I love it!! Definitely a keeper!


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