Friday, May 6, 2011

Tiny Miracles...

Sometimes things happen that are so small and insignificant that we forget to be thankful. Occasionally they are so tiny that we even forget they're miracles. That happened to me about ten years ago.

I walked out the front door to get in the car and there it was...the tiniest, tiny pine tree I had ever seen. Perhaps one inch high at most. I squealed as if it were the best Christmas present ever. My husband and two kids came running, expecting to find, I don't know what. When they saw it they laughed. I convinced hubby he needed to go get a piece of wood and stake that tiny thing for fear he might mow it down. They laughed some more. He drove the stake in and they laughed some more.

 Here it is some ten years later. Tall and straight.

Needless to say they aren't laughing now and hubby says he is continuously looking on the ground for others. Oh, and did I tell you it is even in the perfect spot. Thank you Lord for tiny miracles that grow to become big miracles.



  1. Oh Kathy! It's Wonderful!
    I bet they Don't say anything!Hahaaa
    Happy Weekend to you!

  2. I love that tree! And it was 11 years ago; I was 13. :)

    Still glad you saved that tree


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