Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Perfect Camera Bag...

Earlier this year I received a camera as a gift and since that time I have been shopping for the perfect camera bag. With the help of my son-in-law I found one and ordered it from Amazon. It has a place for camera, accessories and laptop. It is a Pelican bag and is perfect to ensure your camera and laptop are safe while traveling. I love it, however, it is a bit too large for everyday use.

Tonight as I was visiting different blogs I came across what looks and sounds like the perfect bag to carry on outings. I couldn't wait to pass this information on.

Here is the link:

I haven't ordered one yet, but am thinking seriously about it. It appears to be roomy enough for a camera, lens, and pocketbook without being too bulky. There are several colors and patterns to choose from or you can customize it. 
Here is one that caught my eye.


  1. These are just great! I have wanted a camera bag like the last one for a long time. I finally went to Ross and found one big enough to stick one of my black boxy ones in and now I use it!

  2. Pretty Bag! I'll go take a look...Thank you Girl!

  3. They are pricey, but I'm bad about stuffing my camera in with the rest of my junk and am afraid something is going to happen to it, but can't bring myself to carry one more gigantic over-sized bag around. This one may be just right. I'm debating with myself.


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