Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Delicious Homemade Lemonade...

I received a text along with this photo on July 4 from my youngest daughter that said, "I made (delicious) homemade lemonade!!!

Thought I would share her recipe. She said it's "rreaaalllyyy good. Not too sweet, not too tart."

10 lemons * 7 cups of water * 2 cups of sugar

She texted this picture later from her 4th of July get-together.

Have a blessed day!!!


  1. My mouth actually started watering when I read this post! This sounds delicious!

  2. This looks SO Good!
    Think I'll have to make some!!
    Have a great day Girl!

  3. Great minds think alike! We started making this several years ago, after drinking the lemonade at Michigan International Speedway. (We are devoted NASCAR fans) We live on this stuff! YUM!
    Thanks for sharing this very useful post!! And the pictures, too!
    Enjoy your Summer...and those grandbabies!

  4. Thanks for the comments. I may have to make some this weekend.


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