Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Celebration...

Daley, my youngest, called me last week to ask if we could all get together for a Labor Day celebration. She asked if Dad could cook brisket. She said she would be bringing her roommate Janell and new boyfriend Vijay. We had heard a lot about him, but had not met him. So, yesterday we met Vijay, had a feast and made memories. The celebration was a success.
We approved.
The brisket was fall-apart-tender.
The game of Catch Phrase lasted for hours.
The boys played Chess and Candyland.
Fuzzy serenaded us on the piano.

Have a great Labor Day!!!

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  1. Looks like fun times!

    You going to share that recipe for brisket? It looks delicious!

  2. Thanks McGuffey Ann I did nothing but relax today.
    Pat that is hubby's recipe and he doesn't even share it with me. He calls it his "secret" recipe.

  3. My phone didn't Ring!!!Hahaaaa
    Looks like you all had a great time!!


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