Tuesday, January 3, 2012


"...we pick and choose the memories we need to remember, not necessarily the most important ones, but those useful to our continued well being."

A Minneapolis attorney inherits a small California winery, reawakening memories that have lain dormant for twenty years. One summer of her childhood is a mystery she intends to solve. But digging up her past also lays bare the skeletons of others, including her mother’s.

Author: Barbara Ellen Brink
Published: 2011 
Purchase: Amazon


I enjoyed this book very much. I read it on the Kindle for $2.99. I didn't expect it to be that good considering the price and the fact that the author self-published. I was in for a surprise. The characters were well developed and Mrs. Brink did a good job of throwing me off the trail. I didn't figure it out until close to the end. Her twists and turns were plausible and I never felt cheated. There was one spot that caused me to scratch my head and wonder why she left that scene in and what it had to do with the flow of the story, but even that was o.k.
Entangled was an excellent, fast, believable, who-done-it that I highly recommend. You want find better for the money. I have down-loaded her next book in the series called "Crushed" and can't wait to get started. I give this book 4 stars
Happy Reading!!!

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  1. Sounds good! I'll check it out!
    Thanks Kathy!


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