Sunday, January 29, 2012

Reclaiming The Master Bath...

We've been working on our master bedroom and bath for some time now. This fall we reclaimed our bedroom and today I made progress towards reclaiming the bath. One scrubbed shower ready to be grouted and one sparkling tub ready to be used. We are still working on the ceiling in the bath and sink areas thus the drop cloth in the pictures.
Before cleaning I pulled, pinched, clipped and reworked the houseplants,
including the dying Peace plant.
I like it when I make progress even in small amounts.
Have a peaceful week!!!


  1. Wow it looks so good! The perfect spot for an indoor garden!!!

    1. It would look better without the drop cloth. Lol. But I didn't want to pull it up just to have to put it back down. I have a smaller boy and girl. Would that look better.

  2. Looks almost Done!! Love all the light!


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