Friday, July 6, 2012

Gypsy Cat...

Hubby and I ate at Pulido's Mexican Restaurant tonight. The restaurant has three dumpsters about 50 feet across the parking lot. When you leave you drive to the dumpsters and turn right to get back on the Interstate. One night as we were leaving I noticed two or three cats at the dumpsters and upon closer inspection I realized it wasn't two or three, it was five or six and then seven or eight. Everywhere I looked there was another cat. As I drove down the lane I kept seeing another cat and then another cat and then another one and another one. There must have been 20 cats of all colors. I swore I was going to come back with a crate and take a few home.
Tonight as I arrived I saw a skinny, scraggly looking black and white cat meandering across the parking lot, but when we left I didn't see a single cat. It was kind of sad.
I am a cat lover and will take just about any cat someone wants to give me. We live in the middle of 30 acres and without cats we have mice and snakes. And I love it when I arrive home and they all come running.
Here is one I brought home a couple of weeks ago. 
Her name is Gypsy.
Have a great weekend!!!  
P.S. They are all outside cats.


  1. With That much land you Need cats! SO sweet of you!!

  2. Yes, that is wonderful that you're an humanitarian! (not sure I spelled that right). I grew up being afraid of cats and not sure why. Perhaps because my mom was, and so was her father. Don't hate me for that. :)

  3. The very first cat I could call my own was on my uncle's farm. I wanted desperately to bring it in the house, but wasn't allowed. He was a barn cat.


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