Sunday, December 9, 2012

Poor Kitty...

Whenever I leave the house I have a little orange kitten that loves to run down the sidewalk ahead of me. I am always afraid I might run over him. I play tricks to convince him to stay where I can see him as I drive off. Lately, when I tell him to stay, amazingly he does.

I have been gone since Tuesday and arrived home tonight just after dark. He ran to greet me as usual. I got out of the pick-up and went to my car to get the mail. A friend puts it in the front seat whenever I am gone for more that a day or two. This time there were several boxes of Christmas items I had ordered. I stood with the car door open for a full minute looking at return addresses to see what had arrived. I then gathered up what I could safely carry and gave the car door a gentle shove. I didn't slam it. I was coming back to get the rest of the mail, so I gave it a push, not caring if it closed all the way or not. What I didn't realize was my little orange kitten decided at that very moment to leap into the floor board of the car. The door caught him just right and broke his neck. It was very sad. I hadn't even named him.
Internet kitty.

On a happier note, here is a Santa picture of my brother and myself in 1959. We were at Leonard Brothers in Fort Worth, Texas.
I love pictures like this.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season!!!


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  1. Oh my, such a sweet picture. Both of you are just precious. I do love seeing old photo's! :)


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