Sunday, February 9, 2014

My First Amigurumi...

I discovered these cute little crocheted animals while browsing Pinterest. I ordered the pattern from
After starting over numerous times I think I am finally happy with all the parts, and now it's time to sew them together.
Here is a picture from the website of what it should look like.
Have a great week!!!


  1. Oh, how cute! I've never heard that word before! Looks like you're doing a great job; I hope you'll post a photo after sewing it together.


  2. I am not crafty like this. I love this, and admire you and those who do it.

  3. That word is Japanese. Thank y'all and I will definitely post a picture IF it turns out, LOL

  4. That's so cute! I really hope you post a photo, even if it's not perfect. I know I have more than a few ami's that look NOTHING like what it was supposed to. But I take pride in them anyway. Making ami's is a learning curve for sure!


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