Saturday, November 28, 2015

A Bed For Baby Jesus...

In April, while in Santiago, Spain, I bought this baby Jesus as a souvenir. The young man that ran the store was very nice. I was thinking about buying the large one for double the price. He told me he thought the medium size would work for me and he was exactly right. Then he opened at least five boxes trying to find the perfect one. One with no flaws. He was an example of every Spanish person we came in contact with.
Some wood, some glue, a piece of cotton and
Baby Jesus has his bed. He's going under the Christmas tree.
Have a nice week.


  1. Very nice, did the wood pieces come with it?

    1. No, hubby cut them for me and I glued them with wood glue.

  2. How very beautiful; so happy for you to have this! Every year you'll be reminded of baby Jesus (of course) and your wonderful trip. :)


  3. A lovely crib for under your tree and a very nice souvenir.


  4. Such a cute baby Jesus, and perfect bed for him!! I love it when I meet super friendly, positive people! Have a good week


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