Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Crazy Hair Turns Seven...

Where does the time go? My sweet little "Crazy Hair" is seven today. That means I'm--never mind. "Crazy Hair" is a combination of his older sister and brother. He's calm, sweet and a little O.C.D. He loves his crazy hair and so do I.
His mother took him to a friend of hers to get a haircut last week and the friend cut his curls off. He didn't realize it until he looked in the mirror and then his mother said he had a "melt-down". He didn't want to go to school the next day and when she made him go anyway he came out wearing a hoodie. When she picked him up he was happy and said he had a good day. Typical "Crazy Hair."
Happy Birthday Sweetie Pie!!!


  1. Happy Birthday to your sweetie! His personality shines through in this picture!

  2. Ha ha that story gave me a pretty good chuckle!!!

  3. A little OCD? that's an understatement!! He is my sweet boy though!!:)


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