Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wordless Wednesday...

Here is what I saw on the porch when I looked out the window of the front door. I tried to take a picture through the glass, but with the glare it was impossible. All I got was a picture of my door. It was so comical I had to share. Excuse the artwork, but you get the idea. The cat was about 2 feet from the skunk. This was my angle and obviously I couldn't open the door.
Have a great tomorrow!!!


  1. LOLOLOL!!! That is hilarious! I DEFINITELY wouldn't have opened the door!! I must say... you should have made art a part of your career. :) Great post!!

  2. Your drawing is wonderful!
    LOL... keep that door closed!

  3. Toooo Funny mom! And I agree, great artwork!!! NO!!!! DO NOT open that door!!!!

  4. Ha ha I love that the kitty is smiling while the skunk eats his food!!! Good drawing!!!

  5. Too funny! A neighbor called us once and told us our cat was sitting on his patio in the sun a couple feet from a skunk, they were both just chillin' together enjoying a warm spring day!

  6. I am SO impressed with your drawing!

    I can imagine the cat's surprise!

    and yours!

  7. You've been tagged!
    McGuffy's Reader


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